find meaning, magic, and medicine in times of transformation. POStpartum is forever.


Ritual, ceremony, and doula services for women, trauma survivors and parents.

Hi! I’m Lotus.
Doula and Peer Support Companion

I am a fierce believer in the magic of meaningful connection and intention. I weave ritual and intention into everyday life to create pockets of space for presence and meaning whatever may come. I am deeply passionate about wellness, mental health, womb work, birth, pregnancy, healing, connection, nature, and safe spaces to be real and come home to ourselves and each other. 

I am an expert in my own healing, emotions, self-expression, connection, spirituality, and self-care.  

I am a teacher, student, writer, explorer, lover, mother, wounded healer, childhood trauma survivor, and doula currently focusing my work and energy into the life stages of conception, pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood.

My greatest strength and credential is that I have made it here. I know what it’s like to be hanging on by a fingernail and to find my way through dark nights of the soul. I want to love you and witness you with whatever is real and true. 

In being present with myself, I am able to be present with you and your experience as you walk your own unique path. I have spent the last 11 years in deep healing, nourishment, excavation and exploration. 

I love herbal infusions, baths, getting naked in nature and solo adventures.


I have had the honour of working with Lotus over the last year, consciously cultivating a community, based on connection and respect. I cannot fully describe the level of acceptance, self-love, joy, sadness, fear and shame that I have been able to fully feel and sit with while safely held by this magical woman!