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Hi! I’m Lotus Fire.
Trauma Guide & Safe Space Witch.

I am a woman with a fierce intuition and a fire in my heart. I am deeply passionate about wellness, mental health, social justice, womb & vulva health, nutrition, education, creativity, birth, pregnancy, trauma healing, connection, nature, sustainability, and safe spaces for people to be who they are with whatever is present for them.

I am an expert in my own healing, emotions, self-expression, connection, spirituality, and self-care.  

I am a creatix, teacher, student, writer, explorer, lover, mother, safe space witch, survivor, and full spectrum doula .

My greatest strength and credential is that I have made it here. My soul purpose here is to feel and connect to my own experiences and rediscover my connection to all that is.

In being present with myself, I am able to be present with you and your experience as you walk your own unique path. I have spent the last 10 years in deep healing, excavation and exploration.

I am a child and a student of the universe.


I offer deep and transformative safe space through times of change and healing. I work online as well as in-person in Melbourne and wherever I travel. For those seeking a stronger foundation for themselves, I offer an online course and safe space to come back to you,“Being With What Is”. As a full-spectrum doula and process oriented trauma guide, I assist women and parents through their own healing, conception, pregnancy, postpartum (which is forever!), parenting and all that comes up along the way.

“I have had the honour of working with Lotus over the last year, consciously cultivating a community, based on connection and respect. I cannot fully describe the level of acceptance, self-love, joy, sadness, fear and shame that I have been able to fully feel and sit with while safely held by this magical woman!”

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