Are you feeling disconnected and unsupported on your journey through life?

Do you feel alone in your darkness?

Are you terrified of opening pandoras box, looking at the past and not being able to survive it all? 

Do you want to trust in your process and find support to tap into your own healing wisdom and power?

Are you waiting for something to come along and save you?

Do you feel guilty for taking time to heal and receive support? 

Are you scared that you’re just not the kind of person who can radically heal and transform your life?

Do you find yourself numbing, avoiding and shutting down to get through some days?

Are you wanting to feel more alive and express your truth? 

I hear you. I am right here with you.

I remember what it feels like to fall down in to the depths of my own darkness and to try time and time again to open to support and healing.

Whatever is present for you, whatever challenges you’re facing… You are not alone.

You can do this. In fact, you are already are.

I believe that there are no accidents. The fact that you’ve landed here means that you’re hearing the call for something more, something deeper. That tiny voice inside calling you to be present with yourself. Telling you that it’s time. Urging you to show up and unfold whatever is there.

It’s time you listen. 

“Words are not enough to describe Lotus. She is a radical, revolutionary wombyn who seeks the depth of the soul and human existence. She advocates for respect of children, animals, plant life and the Earth. A force that cannot be stopped.”

Irena Lawrence

Being With What Is

Online Course & Facilitated Space

You’re feeling overwhelmed and under-supported.

Some days you feel like everything is fine or even great!
Other days you are losing your fucking mind.

Join Being With What Is –it’s time to listen to your inner wisdom.

Trauma Guide & Safe Space Witch

These sessions are for you if…

You want a safe space to tap into your inner wisdom.

You’re struggling to express and feel emotions.

You’ve experienced trauma & you’re feeling unsupported.

You want to connect with your inner child.

You’re struggling with repressed memories.

You feel called to work with me & just have a sense that this might be for you.


You’re looking for some trauma-informed birth prep or debrief.

These sessions is based around deep support and unfolding a healing process around whatever is present for you.

Full Spectrum Doula Services

Do you long for someone to BE with you in all of your big feels as you navigate this transformative time?

Is your body aching for love and support as you grow another human?

Do you want someone who has your back no matter what?

Are you looking for trauma-informed support as you break family cycles?

I work with the understanding that birth includes rebirth and postpartum is forever. I offer in person support in Melbournes Inner North and around Australia. I’m also occasionally available in person in America and England depending on my travels. My virtual services are available around the world. 

“I went into my session with Lotus with an open mind but I’ll admit, I was very nervous and jittery and scared of what might come up. Lotus was very comforting and I’m surprised at how quickly I was able to dive in and access certain parts of myself. Things just came to me without me thinking about them.

I find it incredibly hard to cry, even if I want to but almost immediately when Lotus guided me to tune into myself, the tears began to flow. I cried hard many times throughout our exploration of my past hurt. I let go and trusted Lotus that this was a safe thing to do. I was amazed at how connected I felt, despite this being a Zoom call and not in person. I could still feel Lotus’ energy and I don’t think anything was lost by being a video call. It’s easy to open up to Lotus because she is calm, caring and definitely isn’t judging. She has experienced so much trauma and subsequent healing in her own life, so she understands the vulnerability you are sharing with her.

You don’t need to know the specifics of what you need healed, it will just find you when you start the process. Although I feel like we just scratched the surface, I also know I was able to release a lot of what I had been holding onto. I don’t remember much of my childhood but Lotus definitely helped me shine a light on some of it. In the following days, more bits and pieces have been coming to me and falling into place. They are helping me understand and forgive myself and even recognise that many things weren’t even my fault.

I am so grateful for the session I had with Lotus. I feel like some things have become clearer and less painful and scary for me. I’m also grateful that Lotus left me in a calm and positive state of mind and not in a total mess. If you’ve experienced trauma and need to start the healing process, I urge you to contact Lotus. It was an emotional yet beautiful experience.
Thank you so much, Lotus. You are wonderful.”
Lisa James

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to start working together?

Everyone has different needs around where they are at and when they need support. I offer support for transformation, rebirth, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenthood so it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you feel like I may be a good fit for what you’re looking for let’s connect! 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I’m also open to other exchanges and offers. If resources are preventing you from accessing the support you are looking for, I invite you to reach out- I’d love to connect.

Do you only work with mothers and birthing people?

Nope! I am a full spectrum doula and am also trained in experiential process oriented healing. I offer support to anyone looking to tap into their inner wisdom especially through transofmational and turrbulent stages in life. My online course is a space designed for individuals looking for support on their healing journey.

What’s the benefit of having a doula?

I think doing a bit of your own research on this one is a good idea. There are all sorts of facts and statistics out there that support doula work but for me, the benefit of working together is immeasurable and no statistic can do it justice.

What kind of support do you currently have? What do you want your matrescence to look like for you and your family?

With me, you get my heart, mind and soul presence by your side for whatever comes up. I weave my magic and intention with a bit of ritual and celebration and we get real about whatever life brings to the surface.

Can you tell me more about your training and trauma healing?

I have trained as a full spectrum doula with Angella Gallo both in person and online. 

I have also trained in experiential proccess oriented trauma healing with Innate Wisdom Connection. I believe that our inner wisdom is guiding us to heal all the time. Our body and unconcious are holding so much that the thinking mind is completely unaware of. While creating a safe space and building trust, I help to facilitate a lived experience of tapping into your inner wisdom and unfolding whatever is trying to come out. We can work with body symptoms, chronic issues, dreams, emotions and really anything that is coming up for you. I believe that healing happens through feeling so we work to build trust with emotions and move with whatever comes up.

If you think this might be for you but still aren’t sure, book in a free connection call here. 

Learn more about Innate Wisdom Connection here.

Learn more about procceswork here.

What’s the difference between a Dynamo Doula and other doulas?

SO MUCH. Here’s what Angela wrote about Dynamo Doulas and her training,

“The Dynamo Doula is the Doula equipped with the knowledge, information, real-time tools, multi-coloured lens, vigour and appetite for change necessary to preempt challenges and prepare for them accordingly, in order to avoid the damage control.

The Dynamo Doula is pushed to a unique place where personal and professional development meet. Where the first port of call is building self-confidence and a sense of purpose, because without it, no amount of birth education and hip squeeze can help.

The Dynamo Doula knows what it means to be HUMAN and to be connected – not only to each other but to our bodies, to our minds, to our essence. What it means to be embodied, alive, fulfilled – protective of our own hearts in order to help protect others. There are too many Doulas living such misaligned and disconnected lives, it becomes a disservice to the people hiring us to help them reclaim sovereignty over their own bodies. How are we expecting to be ‘with women’ and inspire our clients to find alignment & power….if we can’t even be within ourselves?

The Dynamo Doula is taught everything there is to know about the VAST complexities of what makes this work so incredibly challenging to navigate, but oh so special to take part in. All the medical and scientific knowledge, all the evidence-based research and all the language they need to know – but with a no-nonsense, no lies, excruciatingly logical approach.

Moving beyond the story we’ve been sold, into a new world where every aspect of a person is taken into consideration – truly holistic care to create results that work for THAT person.

The Dynamo Doula is trained to use MODERN BUSINESS STRATEGY that will ACTUALLY set them up to run businesses that WORK FOR THEM, their families and their dreams. Business training that helps each Dynamo Doula create bodies of work that not only take them closer to their personal version of success but change the lives of everyone they work with.
The Dynamo Doula is versed in a curriculum so diverse and so all-encompassing it would be hard to believe the Dynamo Doula leaves in any other way than stellar and supercharged…
This Training Is A Fucking Rebirth In All Things What It Means To Be A Birth + Postpartum Doula, A Womxn, A Person, A Lover, An Entrepreneur, A Professional, A Game-Changer, A Trailblazer And A Move-Maker.”

Interested in training with Angela? Sign up for more info here https://angela-gallo.mykajabi.com/pl/59727