Are you feeling disconnected and unsupported on your journey through healing, business or parenthood?

I believe that there are no accidents. The fact that you’ve landed here means that you’re hearing the call for something more, something deeper. That tiny voice inside calling you to be present with yourself. Telling you that it’s time. Urging you to show up and unfold whatever is there.

It’s time you listen. 



Breakthrough Session

“I don’t hold the same weight or numbness in my chest. I feel more open and receptive.

Your work really made me look at childhood traumas and my demons in a different way. Instead of villainizing them and making them bad trying to make them go away, I’ve learnt to love them as parts of me trying to show me what I need to pay attention to.”

-Karis T

I feel like it opened a door for me to access so many other things that have been constantly blocking me and stopping me from really stepping into my power. 

The amount of huge things that have been revealed to me since that session that I’ve been able to work through has been astounding and I feel like the way I’m approaching and making decisions in my personal and work life is radically different. It’s from a place of self-ownership, of power, of self-love and with really clear boundaries in place.

Just a huge thanks. It was amazing, profound and deeply healing.”

-Olivia C

“I went into my session with Lotus with an open mind but I’ll admit, I was very nervous and jittery and scared of what might come up. Lotus was very comforting and I’m surprised at how quickly I was able to dive in and access certain parts of myself. Things just came to me without me thinking about them.

I find it incredibly hard to cry, even if I want to but almost immediately when Lotus guided me to tune into myself, the tears began to flow. I cried hard many times throughout our exploration of my past hurt. I let go and trusted Lotus that this was a safe thing to do. I was amazed at how connected I felt, despite this being a Zoom call and not in person. I could still feel Lotus’ energy and I don’t think anything was lost by being a video call. It’s easy to open up to Lotus because she is calm, caring and definitely isn’t judging. She has experienced so much trauma and subsequent healing in her own life, so she understands the vulnerability you are sharing with her.

You don’t need to know the specifics of what you need healed, it will just find you when you start the process. Although I feel like we just scratched the surface, I also know I was able to release a lot of what I had been holding onto. I don’t remember much of my childhood but Lotus definitely helped me shine a light on some of it. In the following days, more bits and pieces have been coming to me and falling into place. They are helping me understand and forgive myself and even recognise that many things weren’t even my fault.

I am so grateful for the session I had with Lotus. I feel like some things have become clearer and less painful and scary for me. I’m also grateful that Lotus left me in a calm and positive state of mind and not in a total mess. If you’ve experienced trauma and need to start the healing process, I urge you to contact Lotus. It was an emotional yet beautiful experience.
Thank you so much, Lotus. You are wonderful.”
-Lisa James