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Want to dive deep into some juicy conversations with me? Here are the podcasts I’ve been interviewed on.

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“Safe Space Witch and Radical Ancestral Healing” Podcast Interview with Angel Phoenix Arsenal

Show notes from Angel:
“I want to introduce you to one sensational seeress of the senses. A professional feeling mover and safe space holder. Lotus Fire is my guest today and I have really enjoyed witnessing Lotus become who she is supposed to be. I have never seen someone move with as much finesse as this human being when it comes to dancing on the lines of trauma, reclaiming pain and really making it your power. Lotus has taught me so much about finding your demons, going, arching, and begging the darkness to come and play. Working through those very real and very necessary emotions that we’ve been taught to squash for so long, and being okay with feeling not okay.

Lotus is a lover of all things experiential healing, darkness, birth, descension, rebirth, reclaiming emotions, reclaiming feminine power, shadow work and inner child work. She has recently published an e-zine, “I Know Another Mother: Childhood Sexual Abuse” which is made up of art and stories from mothers with the shared experience of childhood sexual abuse. Lotus is in the process of relaunching her online course and space, Being With What Is, which is a foundational course for all things healing and unfolding the present moment. Lotus also works 1:1 with people to unfold a process from their inner wisdom of experiential healing. These sessions can be for anything from trauma healing to birth prep to working through a body symptom or simply a desire to step into the unknown and see what unfolds.”

Listen here.

Podcast Interview with Dr. Erin Bowe:

Show notes from Erin:
“What does it mean to be unapologetically you? To stand in the boldest expression of yourself and say “hey, I’m not going to hide. Here’s my story with complex childhood trauma”. You are going to feel some big feelings today. That’s ok, my guest today is ALL about sitting with, accepting and moving with big feelings. You can come back to it if you need to, but sometimes there is magic to be found in what we are avoiding. There is nowhere to hide with Lotus Fire. She is creative, glowy, playful and, to use a phrase many Australians grew up with, she has more front than Myers. It means to be bold, cheeky and unapologetically self-confident. Survivors of complex childhood trauma are often amazing chameleons. Adaptive shapeshifters. Lotus and I talk about the idea of who are you – as in who are you now instead of who did you have to become to survive your childhood? Sometime around 17 Lotus began working through experiences of childhood incest. And she has done a lot of work. We talk about what it’s like when you and what you’re carrying feels like “too much” for other people to support. Trauma work is really difficult and there are unfortunately quite a few people saying they do trauma work who can’t manage caring without carrying. In that, they actually don’t know how to help. We talk about Lotus’s Pregnancy with her son and experiencing the suicide of her father when she was 7 months pregnant. How fine she seemed, how everyone else thought she was fine. Remember that bit about the chameleon? Finding joy in trauma work Dancing, talking to rocks, playing tag, making jokes You are more powerful than you know. If birth workers and the people they serve remember that they are powerful, then we will change the world.”

Listen here.
You can also watch this one on Youtube here.

“Creating Space For Your Emotions” Podcast Interview with Tara Caetano

Podcast notes from Tara:
I truly believe that if everyone knew how to move emotions through their body in the way Lotus shares in this episode, the world would be an incredibly different place.

Which is why I just had to have her on the podcast today to share her story and gift you some practical tips to start working with your emotions as they exist in your body right now, and feel like a whole new woman in the process.

Lotus Fire is a full spectrum dynamo doula working with the understanding that birth includes rebirth and postpartum is forever. She has unravelled and cracked wide open way too many times to count which has given her the gift of deep connection to herself, her friends and the world around us. Her work centres trauma healing and radical safe space. She brings out her witch skills and unique process-oriented experiential healing whether you’re just beginning the journey into motherhood or you’ve been on the ride for years. Lotus is a feeler of feels, a lover of the darkness and she shows up to heal her own complex trauma, moment to moment. 

Listen here
Check it out on Tara’s website here.


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