Being With What Is




I’ve created a course to hold space for whatever is present on your journey. This space is for exploring, listening, expressing, moving, playing, learning, feeling and being with what is. Together.

You don’t have to do this alone. All that you are is welcome here.

Firstly, we build foundations of safety, expressing emotions, trust and self-care.

This course is designed to be a support when and as you need it. You’re invited to go at your own pace as you learn to listen more deeply to your own cycles, needs and desires.

I’ll be popping up in your inbox and our Facebook group every couple of days sharing about topics like the connection to nature, working with the inner child, neural pathways, trauma, and play. All the materials are on an easy to use course platform so you can access them anytime.

You will receive…

  • A series of letters from my soul to yours
  • A companion journal to support you on your journey (digital and printable)
  • A curated Spotify playlist
  • Community support via Facebook group and group calls
  • Masterclasses
  • An abundance of resources, story medicine, ideas, and support in unfolding your journey and path
  • Lifetime access to resources, masterclasses and future live rounds